As another year draws in our journey into future, I am vastly reassured by the success in the form of enormous leap taking place in the field of education. Success is not the absence of failure but it is the ultimate attainment of objectives. I believe that at JPS we have succeeded in bringing out a perfect blend of academic upliftment along with technology based learning. Youth resonates with infinite potential. Youth is our future. I believe that the students’ accomplishments will exceed our wildest dreams.

The school is in constant and continuous process of education and enhancing the students’ personality and knowledge, infusing them with a greater degree of confidence and poise than what their predecessors gained from the school.


Today a typical student has to gather knowledge from hundreds of sources in the age of internet. Children have an impressionable mind full of curiosity and sensitivity, always seeking avenues to express their ideas. I have been striving to sharpen the quality of that consciousness and urge in them to excel by providing opportunities through the school, for tapping this potential.


I salute the teachers who are learned, inspiring devoted, creative courageous and compassionate because they have the ability to lead their mentees and catalyze a favorable change in them.

“As you travel together each day with moral discourse you cut shorter the day” 


Prof A. Kanagaraj



The school is led by Prof. A. Kanagaraj, a seasoned academician, a committed educationist; above all student centered, value conscious, guardian of hundreds of young learners in the field of education. The complete layout of the campus, the academic photos of the school, the mindscape of the line of the campus was conceiled, designed and drafted by his excellence.

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